Residential & Commercial Alarm Permits

(Non-Financial Alarm Users) On Dec. 4, 1984, the Grand Prairie City Council passed ordinance #3716 concerning the regulation of alarm systems within the city.

The ordinance requires that commercial, residential and multi-family alarm users in the city obtain permits to remain active. The ordinance was modified in January of 1992.

Alarm Ordinance

General Information

Alarm Permit Application Options
View the online application.
Download the application to print and mail.

Annual Permit Fees
Residential Burglar Alarm $30 Burglar and Fire $50
Business Burglar Alarm $50 Burglar and Fire $75
Financial $100  

Payment Options

Accepted methods of payment: cash, check, money order, and debit/credit card.

Payments can be made online, over the phone, through the mail, or in person.

Link to pay alarm permit online

Phone: Call 1-888-604-7888 and reference code 8179.

Mailing Address: City of Grand Prairie, Alarm Permit, P.O. Box 532473, Grand Prairie, TX 75053
Physical Address: Municipal Court, 200 W. Main St., Grand Prairie, TX 75050


  • A separate permit is required for EACH alarm site and a separate permit is required for Burglar and Fire.
  • All individuals, homeowners, businesses and corporations are required to secure a permit for their alarm systems prior to the operation of such system.
  • Failure to secure a permit from the city for an active alarm system is a violation of the above numbered City Ordinance.
  • No alarm permit shall be transferable to any other person, firm corporation or entity.
    (Any occupant of a new residence and/or business must re-apply for a permit, present or previous owner permit is not transferable to new occupant or location)
  • All permits must be renewed annually.