Codes currently in use: 2009 International Building Code, 2009 International Residential Code, 2009 International Plumbing Code, 2009 International Mechanical Code, 2008 National Electric Code, 2009 International Energy Code, 2009 International Fuel & Gas Code, 2009 International Fire Code.

House Permit Checklist:

  • 2 ea. Site Plan
  • 2 ea. MECcheck or REScheck
  • 2 ea. Foundation Engineer’s Design Letter
  • 2 ea. Construction Plans (11 X 17 FORMAT)
  • 2 ea. Engineered Foundation Plans
  • 2 ea. Erosion Control Plan
  • 2 ea. Slab Location Verification Form 
  • 2 copies Engineer's shear wall design (signed and sealed or as prescribed by IRC chapter 6)

Residential permit review & submittal requirements:

    • Floor plan stating use of each area.
    • Indicate location of brick ledge.
    • Door & window sizes noted and schedules with location, U values and S.H.G.C.
    • Elevation plans with type of exterior wall treatment and brick calculations.
    • Wall section of interior partitions.

** ALL plans that are printed should also be included in digital form. We currently accept CD and FLASH DRIVE.  We are NOT able to process SD CARDS at this time.


    • Property lines with lot dimensions (width & length).
    • All utility, maintenance and / or drainage easements.
    • Building lines; front, rear and/or side if corner lot.
    • Parking dimensions, number of spaces and width of driveway. (Minimum of 18’ x 18’). (If culvert is to be installed please call the Street Department prior to installation)
    • Legal description.
    • Building dimensions
    • Location of any proposed street curb construction.
    • Location of 100 year Floodplain if applicable with minimum finished floor elevation.
    • Location and size of existing or proposed sidewalks.
    • Location of all abutting street and/or alleys, with type of surface.

Erosion Control Plans for Single Residential Lot Developments

Erosion Control (pdf)

An Erosion Control Plan shall be prepared and titled "Erosion Control Plan" for all projects. The plan shall include:

  • The project name and address.
  • The proposed drainage flow arrows and proposed finished floor elevation as the base map. Plot plans should include the lot and block number and subdivision name, lot lines and dimensions, structure foot print, and all existing and proposed drainage easements.
  • All proposed erosion control devices shown clearly as to location, extent and type using a distinct drafting symbol for each proposed type of device.
    Specify stabilized construction entrance location and any proposed silt fences or erosion control mats of 10 foot minimum width or wider properly pinned to the ground.
    Silt fences and erosion control mats should be located behind the existing sidewalk or the back of street curb or the top of ditch if possible.
  • A construction waste collection and disposal plan shall be specified.
  • A ground stabilization plan shall be specified.
  • A legend of proposed erosion control devices should be provided.
  • The following note "All erosion control devices shall be constructed and maintained in compliance with City Standard Erosion Control Construction Details, sheets ___ and ___ attached." The appropriate sheet numbers shall be sued in the blanks.
  • An 11 inch by 17 inch size copy of the two City Standard Erosion Control.