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A Solicitors Permit is issued to an individual traveling "door-to-door" in residential neighborhoods with the intent to take orders for sale of goods, wares and merchandise, personal property for future delivery, or services to be furnished or performed in the future.

Solicitor Permits are available through the Police Department at 972-237-8790.
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Per Code of Ord. Ch. 29, Sec. 29-71. Handbills

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to release or attempt to distribute, from an airplane or balloon, any periodicals, newspapers, circulars, or other papers of any kind or character over the city.

(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit, place, throw, scatter, or cast any handbill, circular, paper, booklet, or any other printed or reproduced papers or matter in or upon any public place within the city or in or upon any private premises if such posting or distribution is done in a manner that:

(1) Causes litter or adds to litter on the premises;

(2) Adds to other unsolicited or posted materials in a manner to indicate to others that the owner or person in control of the property is not present or is gone for an extended time;

(3) Results in damage to the property or causes a distraction to vehicular traffic;

(4) Circumvents or impedes any security device on the property, such as a peephole or camera; or

(5) Is contradictory to any sign or notice posted on the property, such as a "No solicitation" notice.

(Ord. No. 5059, § 1, 12-15-92; Ord. No. 6602, § 1, 4-2-02)

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