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Environmental Quality  |  206 W. Church St., 2nd Floor |  P.O. Box 534045  |  Grand Prairie, TX  75053
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Food Service Permits





The Environmental Quality Division (EQD) reviews and approves permit applications for food establishments within the City of Grand Prairie. The EQD also issues construction and operating permits, and inspects establishments according to the Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) and the City of Grand Prairie Code of Ordinances.

In order to operate a new or remodeled Food Establishment in the City of Grand Prairie, the owner/operator must obtain a Food Service Permit from the City of Grand Prairie Environmental Quality Division.

To view and print a specific health permit application or form, click on Documents.

Permit Application Procedure

1. Submit an application for a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) to the Building Inspections Department with appropriate fees for a new business and/or change of owner.   A Building Project Review (BPR) application is required for new construction or remodeling.  

2.  Submit a health permit application to the Environmental Quality Division.

3.  Submit a solid waste verification (SWV).

4.  All applications must be presented with facility plans for review. Drawings must show a floor plan, fixture layout, room finish schedule, and plumbing riser diagram.  

5.  Applicable fees for Food Service Permits:

Application fee – new or extensive remodel $200.00
Application fee – change of owner $150.00
Health permit – duplicate or replacement $25.00
Health permit - full service $500.00
Health permit - fast food $400.00
Health permit - convenience store $300.00
Health permit - other types $250.00
Health permit - additional permits $250.00

6.  A pre-operational inspection by an Environmental Specialist is required prior to opening a food service establishment.

7.  Permits will be issued when the facility is complete and in compliance with the rules and regulations from the City of Grand Prairie and the State of Texas.

8.  Please contact the Environmental Quality Division at 972-237-8055 if you have any questions regarding permitting for Food Establishments. 

Food Service Permits Ordinance

Food Service Permits Documents


Check out the City's annual newsletter, Food For Thought, created for food service establishments.

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