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Adopt-A-Street Registration

Adopt-A-Street Post Cleanup Report Form

Participants adopt at least one mile of road in Grand Prairie and commit to pick up litter along that road segment at least four times per year. Two free signs identify the groups that have adopted street segments. 

The Adopt-A-Street/Spot program includes 94 contracts with groups and/or individuals. Thus, via required quarterly (at a minimum) cleanups, 1,880 Adopt-A-Street/Spot volunteers volunteered 7,520 hours to conduct 376 Adopt-A-Street/Spot cleanups cleaning 370 miles of streets and highways bagging 12.22 tons of litter this year.

Adopt-A-Street/Spot Program Guidelines
When a group or individual adopts a street, they commit to pick up litter along a segment of a street that is usually one mile long for at least four times a year, and they commit to file quarterly Cleanup Report Forms.

We do offer smaller segments of streets and/or spots for adoption as well.

Adoption of a mile long segment on main road in Grand Prairie entitles the Adopter to two large Adopt-A-Street signs – one on either end of the Adopt-A-Street.

Adoption of neighborhood streets, or of street segments that are less than a mile, entitles the Adopter to one or two small Adopt-A-Street signs, depending on the length and location of the street/spot.

Adopt-A-Street Cleanup Distances: Adopt-A-Street members agree to cleanup both sides of the streets and medians if there are any. Adopt-A-Street members are encouraged to pick up litter up to 12 feet from the back of curb. If litter is beyond 12 feet from the back of curb and extreme enough to warrant it, groups can call Code Enforcement at (972) 237-8296 to report the property.

Cleanup Schedules: Adopt-A-Street Groups are requested, but not required, to conduct two of their cleanups in coordination with Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful’s Spring and Fall Trash-Off Events, which take place the first Saturdays of the months of April and October. Groups usually plan their summer and winter cleanups at their convenience.

Signage: Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful provides and installs free signage for groups who sign annual contracts and who file the quarterly Cleanup Report Forms.

The signs come in two parts. The top part remains on the sign regardless of whether the street is adopted or not. The bottom part is interchangeable and enables us to identify the groups, businesses or individuals who have adopted a street, or it promotes the street as “Available for Adoption” in the event the street becomes available.

Sign Name: Please write your name, or the name of your group or business, as you would like it to appear on the new signs in the blank space under the words “This Street Adopted By” on the registration form.

New Annual Cycle: We are trying to get all groups on the same annual contract cycle. Since March 9 is International Adopt-A-Highway day, all contracts are valid from March 9 of the first year through March 8 of the following year. New contracts will need to be completed annually.

Accountability: The City of Grand Prairie, and its Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful Program, are accountable to out grantors (the North Central Texas Council of Governments and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) to report the statistics of our program.
This data is also required for our annual  Keep Texas Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful Reports. Thus, to remain in good standing, Adopt-A-Street members must file quarterly Cleanup Report Forms.

Adopt-A-Street Cleanup Report Forms
Participating members are required to complete – and send to Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful – an Adopt-A-Street Cleanup Report form upon completion of each of your quarterly cleanups.
A minimum of four forms per year must be filed with Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful to retain your signs.

Note: The Cleanup Report forms will be mailed to you upon execution of the Adopt-A-Street Contract.

Photos Requested: Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful would like to promote your efforts. Please send photos of your group conducting your cleanups. You can mail them to KGPB at P.O. Box 534045, Grand Prairie, TX 75053-4045, or e-mail digital photos to:

Litter Free Hotline: Please call our Litter Free Hotline at 972-237-8330 to report...

…An abundance of litter on a main road in Grand Prairie. We will turn the report over to our litter contractor to have it picked up, usually within 48 hours.

…The license plate and description of a vehicle from which you observed litter being tossed or flying out of (as in a truck bed). We will report the information to the Texas Department of Transportation who will send a warning letter to owner of the vehicle from which the litter was thrown.