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To: Animal Dispatch
Re: Cas and Stella


Thank you Grand Prairie Animal Shelter from the bottom of our hearts! We love, love, love our new family additions! They not only quickly adjusted to their furever home, but also get along extremely well with their big sister Daysie (our 8 year old boxer). Cas and Stella do very well at the vet too! I think they have won everyone over there as well. There seems to be a recurring theme of love at first sight with these two. From the first night on they had crate training mastered! Within a few days potty training was, too!

Cas and Stella are two incredibly intelligent dogs. They are walking on leashes now, however Cas was a bit reluctant at first and did a great impression of a fish out of water. :) Stella on the other hand took it all in stride as she sported her new lime green collar with matching leash – she was a pro. They couldn't figure out the tags though but were very proud to have their names engraved on them. They have brought so much love, life and laughter into our home that we couldn't imagine our lives without them! In a couple of days it will be their one month anniversary of being home with us. Cas has a very outgoing, almost class clown, personality. Stella is sweet as candy and a cuddle bug. Cas enjoys chasing balls and running around with his sisters in the back yard. Stella loves belly rubs. So, as you can guess, it is a win/win situation for us all. Thank you for letting us adopt these two bright, sweet, adorable and very lovable four legged sweethearts! We couldn't be happier! I think they think so, too! We are so much in love with these babies!

The Rangel Family


Castiel  Cas and Stella Snow


Stella  Three Happy Pups


To: Prairie Paws
Date: Feb. 18, 2014
Re: Juno Update


Juno came home with a broken leg, heartworms, roundworms, pneumonia and doggy influenza. A specialist near Austin performed her leg surgery. We had originally thought that her leg had been broken for about two weeks. Once they got her into surgery they discovered that the leg had been broken for about 6 to 8 weeks and that the bone had already started to fuse back together. Juno’s leg had to re-broken, shaved down and a titanium rod and pins had to be inserted to set the bone. After about six weeks of healing she was up and running around the backyard. Next, she went in for the heartworm treatment. She handled the heartworm treatment like a champ and after another six weeks of rest she was back up to full speed. Throughout all of the vet visits and tough treatments she has remained as sweet and docile as any dog I have ever met. We never heard her cry or whine and she is always wagging her tail when you walk in the room.

As you can see in the pictures she gets along GREAT with her brother and sister (Buzz the cat and Taps the dog) and all of her other dog cousins. She has taken a very keen interest in cat toys. Juno has no interest in squeaky chew toys or tennis balls but she will go nuts over a small stuffed mouse. We are so glad to have her as part of our family and are sincerely grateful for all that you and your volunteers did to make sure she ended up in a safe and happy home.

Thank you,

Alan & Carin

Juno and Cat  

Juno Cone

Juno Cast


To: Prairie Paws 
Date: Jan. 22, 2014
Re: Denver

I volunteered at Prairie Paws Adoption Center for a while. While volunteering I adopted Denver. He had been in the shelter for more than a few weeks by the time I adopted him. I fell in love with him. He would get so excited every time I came in to walk him and his kennel buddy. He was sick, and the vet hoped he didn't have distemper. Luckily, he only had a case of kennel cough. The vet helped Denver get healthy! Denver is the best dog in the world. I adopted Denver in April of 2012. Almost 2 years later, and I couldn't imagine life without him.


Ally and Denver

Denver and AllyDenverDenver


December 2012

Amy, a dog missing for four years, is found in Grand Prairie and returned to Kerville, Texas!

To: Prairie Paws
Date: July 3, 2012
Re: Our Christmas Girls

Hi, guys! You might remember these two pups that were emaciated wSunshine and Lunahen you picked them up in December 2011. I came to adopt one for Christmas and found out that she had a running buddy...We took them both! The boxer is Luna, and Sunshine is the pointer (with the broken tail). We have spent quite a bit on both of them, but every penny has been worth the love that they have for us. We are still talking about cropping Sunshine's tail, since it hurts her a little. They get along so well and are so sweet. They are amazing and smart! We love them so much, and it breaks our hearts to think that they might have been put down because no one would have taken them. Thank you for all that you guys do for the animals of Grand Prairie. You all ROCK!

Marsha and Hank Patykiewicz
Luna and Sunshine Patykiewicz, too. 

Thanks again.

To: Prairie Paws 

MacyDate: July 3, 2012
Re: Macy's Success Story

We adopted Macy a little after Christmas. I know adult dogs are always the last to get chosen, but we loved Macy right away. At the time, her name was Loba. She had a few anxiety issues, but we kept reassuring her that everything was okay. We took her to PetSmart and signed her and our Labrador, Scarlet, up for classes. She has made an enormous improvement, and she has put on weight. She fits so well into our family. She and Scarlet are best friends, and I am so glad we decided to get a second dog. I just want to say thank you to Prairie Paws..If we ever had a question or issue, it was answered. My advice to everyone looking to adopt a pet would be...don’t overlook the big dogs...


Sandy Vincent

To: Prairie Paws
Date: Oct. 27, 2011
Re: Update on CiCi, the Rottweiler Mix Adopted this August

CiciGrand Prairie Animal Shelter,

I wanted to send you an email updating you on CiCi. She is the Rottweiler mix puppy that was on Fox 4 this summer that we adopted in August.

CiCi has become such a big part of our family. Our three girls love her and CiCi loves them. She loves jumping in their beds in the morning to wake them up. Best alarm clock ever!

She is getting so big; she now weights 26 lbs. She just finished her last round of puppy shots and is very healthy. We plan on having her spayed the first of Dec.

Attached is a picture from her graduation from Puppy classes at Pet Smart. CiCi learns so quickly. She can sit, down, stay, roll over, leave it, and drop it. She is mostly house trained.

CiCi and our black lab mix, Coco, are inseparable. CoCo thinks she is CiCi mamma. They love to play in the back yard and walk the kids to school every morning. CiCi and the cats are still working on their friendship, lol.

Thanks so much for letting us have the opportunity to love CiCi!!!

Jennifer Blake

To: Prairie Paws
Date: August 16, 2011
Re: Harry Potter Adoption

We've renamed "Harry Potter" to Apollo. Apollo is very sweet and lovable. He gets along with 2 other dogs and plays all day.

We are very happy to have adopted him and continue to spoil him. He does like sleeping on my bed with the fan aimed in his direction.


Diana & Katrina Ramirez


Lucy Date: June 2011
Re: Happy Ever After for Lucy

In April a little Pomeranian puppy was brought to the shelter with a terrible injury. Though she was very happy and in no evident pain, she would merrily run around in circles because she could not use her back legs.

We took Lucy to our local veterinarian, Dr. Nelson, who x-rayed Lucy to find that her pelvis was broken in several places, her right leg would never work again and her left leg required a procedure called a Femoral Head Replacement (FHR) or a hip replacement.

Lucy’s surgery needs were estimated at approximately $1,500.

Knowing that veterinary funds for these cases always have more demand than supply, he recommended that we take the dog to the DFW Humane Society because they’ve been able to help in the past.

The folks at DFW Humane Society generously agreed to get the little dog the surgery that she needed, pay for it up front and then hope they could raise the money after the fact.

We agreed to help. At that time, Communications and Marketing Director Amy Sprinkles put her skills to work overtime! With a plea for donations placed on our City website and in the utility billing stuffer "The Pipeline," Amy helped Animal Services raise $1,348.02 – a little over the total amount of the surgery and the post-operative care.

It’s a month later now and Lucy is still recovering nicely but she is doing so at the home of her loving adoptive mommy, one of the vet-techs at the clinic where Lucy had her surgery and recuperation.

We’re very grateful to all who helped with Lucy, donated to cover the cost of her surgery and have phoned to express their kind wishes for her.

Thank you all very much for participating in Lucy’s “Happy Ever After!”

- Prairie Paws Adoption Center