Vict Assistance

Main Number: 972-237-8796
Stephanie Paulson: 972-237-8883
Major Crimes (Homicide, Non-Family Assaults, Robberies, Kidnapping)
Child and Sex Crimes
Traffic Crimes (Intoxication Assault, Failure to Stop and Render Aid, DWI with injuries)

Samantha Tello:  972-237-8803 Family Violence cases                                

The professional staff of the Grand Prairie Police Department's Victim Services Unit is sensitive to the potential emotional crisis and confusion which may occur as a direct result of victimization and is committed to providing appropriate resources and referrals to lessen both the short term and long term trauma which may be experienced.

The Victim Services staff provides crisis intervention, advocacy, and support services to crime victims. Services include:

If you would like assistance, please contact our staff for an appointment.