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The Grand Prairie Police Department in partnership with the Grand Prairie Crime Commission and the Citizens On Patrol sponsor the Grand Prairie McGruff House Program. Our goal is to establish McGruff houses throughout the city as an additional safeguard for our children. The McGruff House Program was established in Grand Prairie in March of 1999 and to date there are 108 houses in place, and the program continues to grow.

McGruff Web site:

McGruffWhat is a McGruff House?

A McGruff House is a temporary haven for children who find themselves in emergency or frightening situations such as being bullied, followed or hurt while walking in a neighborhood.

A McGruff House provides a sense and source of emergency aid. It is not an escort service or a guarantee of safety but rather a place for appropriate short-term help by an adult for a child. An effective McGruff House Program demonstrates that the community accepts a shared responsibility to watch out and help out on behalf its children.

What do McGruff House participants do?

They provide emergency assistance for children as they go to and from school and are at play in the area.

McGruff House participants:

  • Telephone appropriate authorities for help.
  • Reassure and aid children who are frightened or lost.
  • Assist children who have medical emergencies by getting appropriate attention.
  • Assist those who are in immediate fear of becoming victims of personal crime or thefts, abuse, gangs or bullies.
  • Report crimes and suspicious activities to law enforcement officials and provide descriptions of vehicle and suspects when possible.

McGruff House participants do not:

  • Personally provide first aid except in extreme emergency situations and then only if qualified;
  • Act as an escort service;
  • Assume the role of neighborhood supervisor;
  • Enforce laws;
  • Provide toilet facilities.
  • Provide a place to "warm up" or "cool down";
  • Provide food or beverages;
  • Guarantee safety.

Why McGruff House?

First, McGruff. McGruff, the Crime Dog, is recognized by 99% of America's children because they've seen him on television or because he has visited their school. One in five U.S. families moves yearly; using a symbol recognized nationwide makes sense.

Second, the McGruff House Program has built-in safeguards against abuses. While it is impossible to guarantee the safety of children in any program, reasonable precautions have been taken in designing the McGruff House Program. Adults who volunteer their homes agree to law enforcement records check. The distribution of McGruff House signs is
strictly controlled.

Third, McGruff House is a locally operated program. It is a service provided by the community for the well-being of children. It is a partnership of local law enforcement, a school or school system, and a community organization.

Fourth, McGruff House is a nationwide program that represents a partnership among a national organization, state governments and local communities. This partnership enables communities to benefit from the visibility of the national effort and to join with other communities in implementing a program with consistent standards, guidelines, and safeguards.

We hope that you will join us and the national McGruff House in assuring the safety of our children... today and always.

Contact Officer Dennis Porter for more information: 972-237-8844 or

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